consider mommy brain as myth. Some claim that foggy-headedness goes hand in hand with motherhood. Many experts believe that it’s no longer a myth and attribute it to the upheaval of hormones, interrupted sleep patterns and/or, the requirement to quickly learn a wide array of new skills and tasks in order to take care of their babies. I liked following hilarious quote while learning on mommy brain: “Some people may think that I’m forgetful. However, I’m suffering from BMS -focus formula  Busy Mom Syndrome.” Conclusion As mentioned by Ronda Byrne in “The Secret”, the more we think about something, the quicker Universe gives it back to us. So, for all those mothers out there, the more they are going to worry about mommy brain, worse would be the impact of it. Instead of worrying they can try following ways to lessen the influence of it: Jot down points, whenever needed Stay connected with friends or, join a community/book club etc Try to take a good night sleep De-stress yourself with yoga or, simple deep breathing relaxing mechanisms or, painting or, any other hobby of yours Eat balanced diet emphasizing on fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, turmeric etc Do less and do not focus on all the aspects of life. Cut down things, which you need to remember Be physically active like walking, stretching, swimming etc Lead a routine or, structured life by making every day activities as much well-organized as you can Try some of the brain workouts like brain teasers, puzzles, logic problems etc. It’s